Media Content Creation

Awareness videos, cartoon series, advertisements and documentaries with creative ideas and artistic visions.

Motion graphics
2D Animation
Video Production

Educational Content

Integrated educational services that support the progress of various educational institutions and organizations through the design and development of interactive educational and training content. Further, we develop educational and training content in line with various digital education systems and platforms.

Educational Design

Our methodology in analysis and design of educational content is based on the use of one of the best internationally approved educational design models; ADDIE model. Such model has been adopted by the largest educational technology centers in the world.

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Application
  • Evaluation
Develop interactive content

We always lead in developing attractive interactive content that supplies the learner with the required information in an interesting and interactive manner that further contributes to the consolidation of information through interactive educational games and exercises. Moreover, we focus on the major features of developing interactive content, such as:

  • Considering the age of the learner
  • Design interactive games and exercises that match the nature of the scientific material
  • Share information through action and reaction
  • Extract appropriate reports and statistics to improve the educational process